Capacitive switch technology

Capacitive switches have emerged as a popular style of user interface, replacing traditional membrane switches, elastomers, and full travel keyboards as the primary input method on many product designs. GMN offers a variety of options for printed capacitive sensors that can integrate with commonly available microcontrollers to provide capacitive touch sensing. 

Capacitive touch dial
Capacitive touch dial

The new standard

Capacitive switch sensors are chosen for the thin, non-mechanical designs that can be applied to curved surfaces and mounted behind glass or decorated plastic. Depending on your application requirements, these sensors can also be backlit and provide a cost effective solution for sleek, modern product designs.

Capacitive switch advantages

The simple stack-up construction of capacitive sensors offers numerous benefits including:

  • Long switch life
  • Easy to clean products
  • Proximity sensing
  • No moving parts
  • Backlighting capability
  • Thinner material stack-up 

Capacitive switch technology options

GMN provides a range of capacitive switch technology options to help meet your project requirements including:

  • Self capacitive touch sensors
  • Mutual capacitive touch sensors
  • Carbon ink
  • Silver ink
  • Light transmissive ink
  • Custom backlighting
  • Integrated ESD/EMI shielding 
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