Graphic overlays

Overlays are a critical component in touchscreens and membrane switches, providing both protection and a surface for graphic printing to create a functional and user-friendly interface. GMN offers the most extensive array of overlay options in the industry, offering selective textures, printing, embossing, coatings, adhesives, deadfronts and backlighting to create a specialized overlay solution.

Polycarbonate medical overlay
Polycarbonate medical overlay

Graphic overlay material options

The experts at GMN can help you select an overlay material that offers the right protection along with the functionality, durability and custom decoration needed for your design.

Design detailsPolyesterPolycarbonate
Chemical resistancebroad rangelimited
Scratch resistancebettergood
Actuation life> 1millionup to 200K
Ink receptivitygoodgood
Fold endurancebettergood
Pencil hardnessup to 3H
Material thicknessup to .010" (.254mm)up to .060"(1.52mm)
FlammabilityUL 94V-2
Hygroscopic resistancevery goodfair
Outdoor UV resistancecontact GMNcontact GMN